Karya Sipahi

Gameplay Programmer

Jelly Popper

Jelly Popper is a match-three puzzle based game, initially designed for web, however was adjusted to mobile allowing ease of access, making it more addictive. During the development on this game, research was carried out into what makes a game addictive.


  • Grid-Based System
  • Level Selector
  • Comboniations
  • Matrices


Due to the accessibility of mobile phones, I decided mid-way to convert my project from a web game to an Android App. This caused a problem with the grid-system as it was tailored to the web specifications. To counter this I rewrote the grid code, allowing it to resize based on the screen size. This involved creating an origin point for the jelly sprites, and calculating the distance between squares by retrieving the current pixel radius of the sprites, and the screen width.