Karya Sipahi

Gameplay Programmer

Brains Eden Project 2018

Crash Bang Blastoff was a Project I made with a Team of 3 programmers and 2 designers, as part of Brains Eden 2018. During the 36 hour deadline we devised a plan, consisting of regular meetings and keeping each other up to date on completed tasks. 


  • Multiplayer
  • Xbox Controller Compatibility
  • Probability testing
  • Curves
  • Game Management
  • Particles Systems
  • Unique Mechanics (Stealing)
  • Collision Testing
  • Time Management


During the making of this game, we faced many problems, most directly related to the small time limit. When spawning the objects into the game, we faced problems with the wind taking all the objects outside of the map. This was fixed by adding a chance feature to the wind, giving it a 10% chance of it taking away an object. However, if there were too many objects on the board, this percentage increased to 90%. This was to prevent clutter. Another problem we had was the object that did spawn. As it was initially random, this sometimes forced the players to just sit and wait, boring them. This was altered to favour the losing player. There would be a 75% chance an object the losing player needs would drop and 25% chance of the winning player. Preventing dropping of unneeded objects.