Karya Sipahi

Gameplay Programmer

Blow It

Blow It is an Android application made as part of an Indie Project. I created this using Unity in a couple of months. This application implements monetisation techniques such as video rewards. The player can become invinsible for the level if they watch an advertisement. However, this is shown on the level selection screen, persuading the player to attempt a level again, to try and complete it without aid.


  • Monetisation
  • Microphone Input
  • Gyroscope Input
  • Level menu
  • Power-ups
  • Video rewards


Alot of testing went into this game as the microphone input in the mobile is difficult to manage. Therefore there were many iterations of this game before release as the strength of wind required to move the player had to be stress tested. Another problem during the production of this game was the gyroscopic input. This too required perfection, as too much tilt could cause the object to disappear off the screen. In this case, more testing was required and the multiplier in which the object moved, based on the gyroscope return value, was altered whilst also restricting the object within the screen size with a boundary box. This enabled restricted movement and speed, creating a more playable game.